Deceased estate house clearances are a necessary service that will arrive following moments of loss and grief. As friends and family members grieve and wonder what to do next in terms of logistics, many will decide that it is best to bring in a team to turnover the items, clear the premises and allow others in the community to invest in it.


This can be a tricky process that involves a series of complications and at times, conflicting opinions on what to do next. By bringing in an impartial and professional service who has a background in these types of scenarios, it can assist the family to smooth this phase over as the surviving members manage other affairs relevant to the death.


Here we will discuss some of the features that come inclusive with services who deal with deceased estate house clearances. Whether you are based in a city such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or a regional location, there should be some fundamental facets of their business model that remains consistent, regardless of their postcode.

Being Compassionate and Empathetic


There will be many tangible elements that come into play with deceased estate house clearances no matter where the service is located. From the finances to the moving of selling off of goods, many of the intricacies can be analysed and examined on a piece of paper. However, it is inescapable that there is a strong human element in these instances where sensitivities and emotions are important to respect and understand. This degree of compassion and empathy is vital when dealing with individuals who are continuing to grieve and having experts on location that can manage these behaviours is crucial to managing the process. Customers who are making choices based off emotion will usually end up regretting their decisions and having a service that can guide people through this period is paramount to arriving at a satisfactory conclusion.

Efficiency From Start To End


Services in the industry of deceased estate house clearances should always aim to deliver the best possible offer for the family members who are dealing with the affairs. This should include a written proposal within 24-48 hours to ensure that the items listed for purchase are correct and that a possible auction could be conducted. It might take up to two weeks for the complete process to be undertaken, but those brands that can fast track this transition will provide the greatest value for money.

Arriving With Experience


The field of working in deceased estate house clearances can be a complicated activity. No two surviving family members are ever the same when it comes to how they handle the grief and the best way to handle this scenario is with an experienced operator. From the packing and transportation of goods to storage solutions, an inventory report that details every item, donating certain goods to charity, tidying up the garden and removing all rubbish, there is a great deal to take onboard.

Boost The Final Evaluation


There will be external factors that influence a property’s value before and after any deceased estate house clearances, but there are tangible steps that can be taken to boost its standing for potential buyers, investors, renters and auctioneers. The condition of the premises must be pristine to include clearing out of any clutter and refurnishing the house where possible. Once this is undertaken, then it can be marketed and promoted to the community. The concept of deceased estate house clearances is to have the location ready for this moment.



Services that deal with deceased estate house clearances are striving for an end-to-end transition that is as easy on the surviving members as possible. With that being said, anyone who is scouring the market for services in the industry of deceased estate house clearances should do their due diligence to ensure they pass these important benchmarks.