There are many households out there that are looking to save themselves some money on their yearly utility bills as well as do their part for the environment. Because of this, there are people out there who are at the stage where they are considering solar hot water for their homes. While this system is well known to help reduce the cost of living as well as act as a friendlier alternative to other heating methods such as gas or electricity, many are unsure if this system will suit their household. There are many reasons for this and one common reason is that many people have large households with more than 2 people living in it. When this is the case, people want to make sure that they aren’t going to find themselves having freezing cold showers or unable to wash their clothes etc. It can be very important for large families to be able to have a warm shower or bath at any time of the day, and as this is the case, many will simply dismiss solar hot water. What they may not know is that there are ways that this system can still heat up larger homes so that everyone can still function normally in their day to day lives.

How does solar hot water work?

For those who may not know, solar hot water works as the sun’s thermal energy is converted into electricity by solar panels, with the electricity heating the tank. The electricity produced can also be stored in a battery. This, of course, is what supplies families with their warmed h2o. One of the best things about this system is that it doesn’t use any unrenewable sources such as fossil fuels. This means that it is a much gentler option on the environment. The only issue is that the sun isn’t shining all the time. The sun goes away at night and can sometimes not shine through on an overcast or cloudy day. This is what concerns many big families. What many may not know is that the storage systems are able to keep the water warmed for a long time which means that it isn’t going to run out right away. What people may also not know is that they are able to look into additional storage systems which allows them to store additional solar power which they can use in case of a rainy day.

How do storage systems work?

Storage systems allow people to maximise their energy usage, making it suitable for larger households. These storage systems work by capturing any excess and unused energy that is created and holding onto it for a later date. This can be extremely handy in times where a black out may occur. Similarly, it be can helpful when the sun isn’t out or when a household uses all of their created energy. One of the best parts about this is the fact that the system can easily be hidden from view as it is small in size and can be easily installed in a desired area of the home. There are even some systems out there that come with an app so that people are able to track the energy that is stored. Because of great choices like this, it means that households of all different sizes are able to benefit from solar hot water solutions. This means that people can have peace of mind knowing that they are able to not only reduce their carbon footprint but can also ensure that their whole family is taken care of.