Eco-cleaning is the way of the future. Why? Because all-natural products are better for the environment than the fragrant chemicals we use in cleaning the different nooks and crannies of our homes. Not to mention, these are gentler on surfaces and indoor air, meaning a healthier home, and healthier you.


Environmentally friendly


Eco products can reduce the amount of waste we leave on the Earth. These also mean less pollution due to production and use of cleaning solutions. These pollutants end up in the air, soils, and waterways. Green-clean solutions are made in a way that causes minimal harm to our world. This looks to preserve fertile land, the Ozone shield, clean waters and air.


Removes dangerous residues


Bleaches and detergents used in the washing and polishing of floors, sinks and other surfaces leave harsh traces behind. These may not be as obvious as the dirt and residues you use these to clean, but are nonetheless not good to have laying around. These tend to bind to dirt (their intended job) meaning a build up of all of these leftovers over time. The more toxic the chemical being used, the more toxic the residues around your home will become.


Improved indoor air quality


While we often hear about the need to remove pollutants from the air outside, indoor air pollution is often overlooked. Those residues we talked about can become airborne meaning allergens in the air. Fragrant chemical products have been linked to allergy irritations and other health problems in research, and are considered one of the top indoor air pollutants.


Health & wellbeing


Given that toxic residues are left in our homes from chemical products, it makes sense that freeing the house of these means a healthier environment for us to live in. Green-friendly products will help avoid allergy irritations, breathing problems, and health problems that can be caused by air pollution and exposure to this residue. These include chest pains, heart problems and cancer.


So, we can see a few of the reasons why it’s important to encourage eco-cleaning in our homes. Let’s make water with organic, non-toxic solutions the solution. Luckily there are a list of green products already out there, such as organic cloths, tea tree oils, and biodegradable pots. These mean you can start making the change today.