Moving is both exciting and stressful. So much to do before you close the doors, including one serious clean of the place. We’re talking bigger than your annual spring clean, where you leave the place looking like you were never there. In rental properties this is a must if you wish to see your bond money again.


It may sound like a daunting task but once you get started it’s not quite so bad. We’ve thrown together a checklist of spots not to miss and how to give them the best clean ever.


  1. Carpets


Laundry detergent blotted up with water will remove stuck residue – perhaps that glass of wine that was spilt and forgotten about the next day because hangover. But really, if there’s ever a time to call on professional carpet cleaners, this is it.


  1. Ceiling


Not somewhere we ever really bother with, but ceiling fans and lights should be dust-free. A good way to do this without spilling the grime is to wrap a pillow case or rag around fan blades.


  1. Bins


The bins not only need to be emptied one last time but given a good soapy clean before you hand the keys in.


  1. Bathrooms


Clean sinks, tubs and toilets inside and out…


  1. Kitchen & laundry


Same goes for the kitchen and laundry. Clean washing machines inside and out, doing this also for cupboards.


  1. Repairs


Fixing anything that’s broken will work in your favour. This may include door frames, wall dents, racks, and more.


  1. Gardens & balconies


Lawns need to be mowed and gardens left trimmed and trash-free. Give your plant babies a good drink and perhaps some soil nutrients as a treat. Balconies need to be cleared of bird-droppings and other grime.


  1. Curtains


You’ll be surprised by the amount of dust your curtains collect. Use a steam-cleaner if the manufacture permits, otherwise, take them down and chuck them in for a delicate laundry wash.


  1. Mattresses


If you’re leaving the mattress behind, you’ll need to either steam-clean (being mindful of moisture seeping in), or vacuum the dust and use enzyme cleaners to ensure the next resident won’t be sleeping in your sweat.


  1. Vacuum, dust, mop


Last but not least, give everything a good dust, vacuum and mop down as per usual. You know the drill, only now’s the time to really go into all those nooks and crannies.