thing to do. One way to make these mundane must-do’s a little more entertaining is with the right playlist. Chuck on your favourite tunes of the moment to sing and dance along to as you’re putting in that elbow grease. You’ve earned this.


If you’re looking for a little song-spiration for the occasion, you’ve come to the right place. You want to get a good job done in as little time as possible, yes? This is why we’ve curated some music ideas that will not only pump you up, but keep you motivated so you can put your feet up in a sparkling home ASAP…


  1. 90’s music


A little S-Club Seven or Vengaboys nostalgia should ‘spice up’ your cleaning sesh. And no, the Spice Girls wouldn’t go astray either.


  1. Pop classics


You know, the ones that inevitably come up in karaoke. Any playlist with ‘Just Dance’, ‘Call Me Maybe’ and ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams should get you singing along to the tunes we’ve all heard.


  1. Down and dirty


“But you gotta put in work, work” If you’re getting down and dirty, you may as well find tunes with attitude to match, and what’s more fitting than ‘Work From Home’ by Fifth Harmony?


  1. EDM Bangers


Lyrics distracting you? Sometimes all you need is a little less talk and little more bass. Perhaps it’s called ‘house’ for more than one reason… I for one find a little Kygo or Avicii conducive of housework.


  1. Pop punk


“I’d Do Anything” … except clean the toilet. But in all seriousness, nothing like a little Simple Plan or equally catchy anthems to pick up the pace and get that mopping done. Check out the playlist ‘Pop Punk Powerhouses’ on Spotify.


  1. Indie Rock


An alternative genre that’s definitely found a place parallel to mainstream music. Indie rock tracks like The Preatures’ “Is This How You Feel?” will fill your home with soulful sounds and upbeat rhythms.


  1. Folk Pop


Ed Sheeran. Need I say more? The airy ambience of folk pop may well have you prancing around the house Snow White style. If only the neighborhood lorikeets would swoop by and hang up the washing.


Hopefully this list of goodies can give you the song-spiration you need to get in the zone next time a clean is in order.