It’s important to encourage eco-cleaning in the modern-day home. Natural, non-toxic solutions are not only better for the environment and avoid damage to surfaces at home, but are also essential for our indoor air quality, and in turn our own health. Luckily there are enviro-friendly products already out there. Here’s just a handful…


  1. Baking soda


There are over twenty cleaning uses for this abrasive alternative to chemicals. Baking soda can remove stains, waxes, grease, crayon markings, mildew, soil and dust


  1. Vinegar


Vinegar being acidic is a great de-greaser, de-moulder, and can cut through bacteria. Mix it with water, or fizz it up with baking soda. Don’t worry if you aren’t so keen on vinegar’s pungent scent as it dissipates quickly.


  1. Castile soap


A great ingredient in natural cleaning mixes for dishes, bathrooms and more, this soap exclusively contains vegetable oils. It can also be blended with baking soda as well as water and almond oil…


  1. Almond Oil


On that note, yes, almond oil is another pure ingredient that can be used on microfibre to shine up bathrooms.


  1. Green dishwashing detergent pods


To avoid harsh residues being left behind on dishes and in your dishwasher, use plant-based detergent pods that are free of bleaches, dioxins and other toxic chemicals.


  1. All-purpose lavender


Derived from the beloved purple flower of the same name, this oil also forms a powerful cleaning agent for grease and grime.


  1. Soapberries


There are toxin-free laundry products such as ‘soapberries’ or ‘soapnuts’ which are also more cost efficient than most mainstream detergents. All you need is five berries for a wash.


  1. Organic cloths


To go with any cleaning agent, you need of course, a cleaning tool. There are knitted cloths available that are 100% organic, washable and reusable.


  1. Lemon essential oils


Blend five to ten drops with lavender or other citrus such as orange and lime, to make a fresh cleaner for wooden boards, stainless steel and even floors. Alternatively you can buy it in the form of a cleaning spray. How easy is that?


  1. Eucalyptus


Last but certainly not least on this ever-growing list of clean-green products for your home is eucalyptus oil. This can be used in the kitchen, laundry and for general deodorizing. Not to mention, you can use this little gem when you’re feeling under the weather. It’s great for sinuses and muscle tension.