Sponges, cloths, mops, and gloves come in handy when it’s clean time. But these aren’t much help without products to give things around the house the right wipe, wash or polish. Here are 11 essential products to use across your home.


  1. Dishwashing detergents


Dishwashing liquids for them dirty dishes is a given, but on top of this, it’s also a good idea to have a cleanser and disinfectant for your dishwasher or sink to remove built up limescale and other residue.


  1. Mopping solution


Some floor types need cleaning more often than others, and you need to find the right ‘solution’ for yours. Find a cleanser that will sanitize but not strip or otherwise damage your floor.


  1. Window washers


A lathering detergent will make it easier to swoosh the squeegee around windows, spot watermarks, and make glass clear and shiny again.


  1. The right tub cleaner


Different cleaners work best for different bathtub materials. For example, pumice stone is good for porcelain, while this isn’t so good for enamel or acrylic. Do your research so you can have a squeaky clean bathroom.


  1. Stainless steel cleaner


Unfortunately, contrary to what the name implies, ‘stainless steel’ is still subject to grime… But it’s nothing stainless steel solution and a sponge can’t solve.


  1. Disinfectant wipes


Because bacteria and allergen latent areas like the kitchen bench need sterilizing.


  1. Carpet shampoo


Sticky stains in the carpet are a pain. You can mix laundry detergent or vinegar with water, or grab a carpet cleaning and deodorizing product to save time. Follow with a vacuum to fluff up your carpet.


  1. Mould and mildew remover


Bleach-based formulas are the best way to cut through stubborn mould in the crevices of your shower.


  1. Rust remover


This will keep you prepared for when rust shows up in the bathroom, yard, or any areas subject to water damage.


  1. Furniture polish


Find a gentle polisher for furniture surfaces around your home, which may be in aerosol, liquid (emulsion), oil, or wax form.


  1. Multi-surface cleaner


Lastly, the all-in-one, your trusty multi-surface cleaner. This comes in handy when you have guests coming over sooner than expected and are looking to do a quick clean. You’ll save valuable minutes not changing product or cloth.


These products make a great starter pack when it comes to cleaning everything in your home.