A clean home is known to help clear the mind. Not to mention it’s essential to rid your home of residue, germs, and allergens. We get this, and to help, we’ve thrown together a list of ten cleaning essentials for every household…


  1. Vacuum cleaner


The humble vacuum cleaner quickly sucks up all the little particles that may be living on  the floor, under the sofa, and on other stuff.


  1. Mop


Even if you try your best to avoid it, it’s inevitable for dirt to wind up stuck on the floor. A little persistence and wet rag on a stick will wipe away your worries – and residue.


  1. Sponges


There are several types of sponge and at least a few have a place in the house: cellulose for soaking up liquids, abrasive for outdoors, and dry sponges for soot in fireplaces. Double-sided, non-scratch sponges are best for delicate cleans.


  1. Cloths


Microfibre cloths dust and polish almost any surface. There’s also a market of cloths out there for more specific items, like optical cloths for electronics, and lens cloths for glass.


  1. Broom


What better way to rid your collection dust-bunnies than with the bristles of a good broom? Break the room up into sections, sweeping towards the exit.


  1. Dust-pan


It may sound old-school but there’s still a place at home for the dust-pan and brush. Quickly clear spots like window ledges, and collect things like glass that may damage your vacuum.


  1. Cleaning toothbrush


Just like in your mouth, a toothbrush is the perfect way to get into hard-to-reach spots around the house.


  1. Toilet-bowl brush


The toilet is probably the last place you want to get down and dirty in, but it needs to be done. It may not be a ten-foot pole, but a toilet-bowl brush will help you to safely get the job done.


  1. Paper towels


Wipe down areas full of bacteria like dirty kitchen counters, the best part being you don’t have to wash them. Straight in the bin it is!


  1. Rubber gloves


Finally, rubber gloves will protect your hands when handling cleaning chemicals and hot water.


Does your home have these essentials?