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10 Cleaning Essentials for Your Home

cleaning essentials

A clean home is known to help clear the mind. Not to mention it’s essential to rid your home of residue, germs, and allergens. We get this, and to help, we’ve thrown together a list of ten cleaning essentials for every household…   Vacuum cleaner   The humble vacuum cleaner quickly sucks up all the […]

5 Stubborn Sticky Spots at Home and How to Clean them

sticky stains

Sticky stains can be a headache to remove, whether it be a soft drink spill, gum on the sofa, or glue clinging to tabletops. We don’t want you to be the one left in a sticky spot when it comes to these common household adhesives so we’ve put together a few quick tips on how […]

Uncanny Cleaning Tools

unusual cleaning tools

Did you know we have a number of things lying around that weren’t meant to clean the house, that are actually really helpful? Here are some items we’ve discovered, which you may not have expected to be so good at getting down and dirty. How many do you have?   Make-up brush – To dust […]

Share-Housing: Who does the Cleaning?

Share house cleaning

Moving out of home? If you’re a student or trying to adult and catch your break in the big smoke, chances are you’ll spend some time in a shared household with friends or strangers turned roomies. Among the challenges is the exciting task of cleaning the house…   You may not only have to study […]

Moving House: the Big Clean Starter Pack

Clean for move

Moving is both exciting and stressful. So much to do before you close the doors, including one serious clean of the place. We’re talking bigger than your annual spring clean, where you leave the place looking like you were never there. In rental properties this is a must if you wish to see your bond […]

Best Eco-Cleaning Products

eco product

It’s important to encourage eco-cleaning in the modern-day home. Natural, non-toxic solutions are not only better for the environment and avoid damage to surfaces at home, but are also essential for our indoor air quality, and in turn our own health. Luckily there are enviro-friendly products already out there. Here’s just a handful…   Baking […]



Eco-cleaning is the way of the future. Why? Because all-natural products are better for the environment than the fragrant chemicals we use in cleaning the different nooks and crannies of our homes. Not to mention, these are gentler on surfaces and indoor air, meaning a healthier home, and healthier you.   Environmentally friendly   Eco […]